NO Conincedence! God works mysteriously!!

Some people believe in coincidences, and I respect everyone’s beliefs as their own! HOWEVER!!! As a true BELIEVER in God and the Bible… I Know In my soul, that every single tiny or massive “thing” that happens in Life is for a reason that has incredible meaning behind “it”. Whether it’s intended for me or for someone else to learn, help, teach, etc there IS an amazing “reason” for it happening… Even when something devastating happens to me and/or someone else, my Savior, has stamped in my heart that there is always something good at the end of the tunnel, even if that good isn’t for me but to help someone else! I am so thankful and gratefully Blessed to be equipped with this wisdom! And let me point out that no matter how many crazy miraculously insane times/ways God has worked these situations out in my 34 years of life, I am still in awe of amazement every single time!!! So with all that said!!! This whole meeting or messaging that happened between us, all d/t me looking for a simple pair of white converse to color on, is way deeper than I or anyone but God knows! I promise I’m not a crazy that you need worry about! Lol 😜🤓😎💞😂 I’m just a Mom living a life in this crazy world attempting to grasp some greater meaning of the “small” things in life rather than passing them by or disregarding them as “coincidences”! I also believe that my “blessed gift” of anxiety and depression hasn’t enabled me to want to dig deeper! By this point in my life I honestly appreciate our human personality/traits, gifts, talents, etc that differentiate us so that we can all fulfill different positions needed for “life”. So my point of all this and what does it have to do with you?!?! Lol! Well!
So when I first discovered the message from you on Mercari, on one of my items, that I almost didn’t bother to check!!!….. I was in awe shock? Not sure how to describe… You ASKING to please let you send these shoes to me free of any charges because you just felt that I should have them etc…(sorry I don’t remember exact words you used)… That was something so odd to me but also so understandable at the same time because I have done the same thing and others similar for others on Mercari etc, but when it happened to me, by you, I was amazed and somewhat confused on intent only because it’s not “normal” in life, unfortunately, that people just want to give to others just because of a feeling and more so that it even cost you money in shipping!!! That’s why/when it hit me and I messaged you back something like this about you must have God in your heart and/or be insane like me,(or so people think of me) to want to do this for a complete/total stranger!! So just all that had me in a “wow” mind frame! And was a sign from God that He knows and believes in me showing me that “what goes around comes back around”, ya know “karma” like I am always speaking about yet I also know not to necessarily expect my rewards here on earth, but it was like he used you to say to me , I hear you and I know you’re trying… Idk hard to explain but I found it comforting… So then still not knowing or really expecting to actually receive the shoes…. (In my heart I knew you would send, but also living in a lil reality didn’t hold it either way), so the next amazing chapter!!!

I received the shoes!!!! I was sitting on the couch with my 8 year old dtr when my husband handed me the package… Immediately opening with a smile inside and out… Not only the shoes but then the eye glasses I had left a comment on only bc they made me laugh out of remembering how I had just found my husbands chewed into pieces outside, haha by our angel dog, Janel! I remember thinking to myself oh these would be perfect for my husband and he could just have prescription lenses put in them! But knowing financially I had less than $0 in bank and your already more than kind offer I would never ask and/or want to take advantage of your kind generosity!! Then another lil item safely wrapped in bubble wrap! SERIOUSLY!!! You’re kidding right?! Oils!!! And you obviously had no idea of my love and belief of natural oils and the billions of amazing things they can do for us?!?!?! This whole time I was telling my dtr over and over “omg! There is seriously another ME out there! I love oils! And I’m in the same boat as you!!! Total belief in them and want them all!!!!! But dang!! So expensive!!!! It just insane to me from the moment of reading your message about wanting to send me shoes for FREE!!! To the, eyeglasses, then the oil!!’!!???!!?!! I mean really you are me!!! And then gets more serious! My dtr was reading out loud the amazing kind note you wrote and included…. Then she gets to the end and turns it around to me and CHILLS/GOOSEBUMPS FILLED EVERY PORE ON MY INSIDE AND OUTSIDE!!!! Your flippin name is AMY!!??!?! I didn’t know that until seeing how you signed with a ♥️~Amy… Just like I do!!!! So to me when I was repeating in amazement to Mya that we are the same person! Or there is totally another me cloned out there! It just was all too in line to not mean something! I mean you being Amy Baker and I’m Amy Barr we have the initials AB… That’s my married name… Until a year ago last name was Dees but idk! Oh and funny… The night before I got the package we had been at Walmart and knew I wanted at least to grab some lavender oil so I did along with another called thrive cuz dtrs been sick with cold and whenever I use the oils she gets better so quick! And been wanting a oil diffuser for a while but so dang expensive!!! Well that night they had a mini, very mini one for ten dollars so got that! Fig it’ll work to put right in her chest while sleeping and get the effects! So hope u see how everything just all comes together so in sync…. Just makes me wonder now if there’s more to come or just God showing me that he’s always around!!! We shall see!!! 

Anyway thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and generosity!!! It means more than you will ever ever have an idea of!!! You are special! Please know that! And God has so many amazing plans for you and your family!!! He will Bless you always!!! If you ever need anything or a friend … Whatever! Please know you have one here!!!! God Bless!!!

JESUS LOVE ME & I’m blessed by HIM everyday!


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