My Spirit and Soul are Exhausted….

It has been a very trying week… God put multiple different situations in front of me and in a wide variety of topics! One pulling at my heart not knowing the right thing to do that involves well-being/SAFTEY of some kids… Another challenging my awareness and control of my tongue in heated situations with my dtrs dance team… Wanting to honor God with my actions and manner of handling this ongoing situation but also speaking up and standing up for what I feel is fair/right… I’m sure I haven’t earned an A from Him but I am trying and praying asking for help and guidance…. Another is always my marriage and trying to live with someone I have zero trust for and not even sure if he is in love with me at all anymore or even serious about the counseling we are starting through our pastor or if he’s just killing time till our lease is up? More importantly trying my best which I KNOW is nowhere good enough, to shield/protect my 8 year old dtr through it all…. And learning my particular brand of Paxil that I need is long term backordered AND being discontinued! So this is, idk I lost track, I think 5th day without the right med? I’m extremely scared cuz it’s a more than necessary ingredient for my ability to deal, or even get out of bed, with life period! However… God has always come to my rescue with a better answer in these types of situations in my life (as long as I’m listening/paying attention to Him) so I just keep my Faith strong and know I’m gonna be ok and find a better way! Still scary tho knowing my past and where my soul has gone missing before… Thanks for listening… Gotta get my homework finished for my counseling appt with pastors wife Mrs Lee tomorrow!!

#God, #Trials


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