I am so incredibly angry! HURT! Disgusted! Shaking all through my body… And I have no one! Vent? To who? My Husband doesn’t even like me?! Where do I go? Why did I put my entire life into this and now slapped in the face from so many directions!! Life sucks sometimes so what are you teaching your kid for her future of billions of disappointments?! And for an honest mistake WHICH I AM PAYING TO FIX!!!!??!!?)8)7;&:&2@3&38:&:&:& you PETTY SELFISH LESS THEN HUMAN WHATEVER YOU ARE!!!! If I wasn’t a Christian and trying to honor God …. I would not be at loss for words! Biting my tongue asking God please help me!!! Please my Lord help me contain my anger and disappointment in all of this! For YOU for MYA….. Help me breathe….


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