So!! About 2ish years ago when I first started discovering my Passion and adventure for what I guess is best described as repurposing/upcycling a very wide range of objects into my kind of art, I kept reading about how easy it is to cut glass bottles and make pretty much anything out of them! But I was a lil apprehensive about the lighter fluid and flame thing and could only picture glass blowing up in my face!!! So I’ve been saving wine and beer bottles for a while and using them as simple vases or some other deco around the house… Finally I discovered the G2 Bottle Glass Cutter when I was at Michaels the other night but it didn’t make the final cut to the register d/t so many cool fabric spray paints and markers and well lots of colorful fun things…I am guilty of falling for anything colorful from toasters to shoes! So I told my husband about it tho and guess what came in mail today!!! The bottle cutter! Of course I put it together immediately and tried it! First bottle I messed up on the scoring so when it came apart it was a little too hazardous… But my second sooooo much better!!! I’m so excited I’ll be cutting glass all night!!! Easily entertained yes! 



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