Does anyone else have??

I feel for a while now, that my gift of mental struggles and whatever causes those in my brain… Are the biggest contributors to my deeper than I think normal levels of intuition, seeing beauty in things most people may see as trash or just old and the need for new and modern??! I appreciate someone’s , who I do not know anything about, personal history, life, memories etc being embedded in objects… Such as jewelry, furniture (especially since they just don’t make things these days as the quality of vintage/antique pieces… I think about how hard they might have worked to squire these things and there love or sentimental value for them… And then they pass and usually I find that the family ughhughhh just hires an estate company to come and clean everything out and get rid of it cuz they have no use or value attached… So I feel like when I purchase or inherit these things my goal is to cherish and care for them as the original owner would have… Showing them respect and honor, even tho their family or whoever was not able to do so… I also know I have many many spirits around me most of the time, mostly d/t me working in hospice for so long and building close family like relationships with my patients and holding their hands, when possible, while they breathed their last breath on earth and their souls left the damaged bodies… I was honored…. I am not a medium per say but I do feel and know when they’re around and when they’re trying to tell me something…. Anyone else experienced anything like this?


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