Pics of my Messy Art!

It’s not everyone’s “style” lol but I can look at it and feel such pride in my soul cuz you never ever would have imagined myself ever having any kind of artistic talent! I’ll try and describe each piece and tell you where/what is was originally!!!

Here’s the first… 

 so this was a really old wooden bowl that I bought a few of at a thrift store! Didn’t really have a plan for it but just started using paints that I had already had out and didn’t want to waste and probably a few hours or possibly a day later this is what it turned into! On the back I just attached a SAFTEY pin with hot glue and now hangs on a wall! Also this was a piece made in my adventure to redecorate my dtrs room! She was now so over pink and girly but loved/loves blue and I had just lost my job plus had discovered my love and talent? For repurposing items! So there’s more!


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