Messy art cont!

Ok so doesn’t look like anything too exciting right?! I know… However the “shelf” was actually a drawer from a dresser of dtrs we didn’t want anymore but my eyes saw so many other things that I could use from it just requires a lot of reverse drilling to take aprt! All while my husband kept griping how we could’ve sold the dresser blah blah blah!!! He will never get it! But I’m ok with that! So then just painted it and the frame inside is something that had been around for a while but no longer had the glass and back pieces too… I refused to throw it away cuz I knew I’d do something cool with it eventually!!! And so here it is set inside the shelf with screws to hold it!!! 

Oh!!! And the other object below was an wooden holder for glass square coasters that I never used! So of course painted it! And my dtr had tons of sea shells shed collected from the years on vacations so I hot glued those in for a cool display!


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