I Love Repurposing things!

So again just shelves hanging on her wall… However they WERE drawers from that same dresser I wanted rid of yet saw so much potential to use it in different ways! Sanded, painted, and then added lil touches to make it unique… The lil mini shelves inside like what the high heel is on… Those are wooden block pieces from the Jenga game! Of course painted and then I think nailed in from back and maybe some hot glue…. The high heel was once a picture holder that a metal stick came out and held a picture but never stayed and always came apart… The metal star is actually a cookie cutter… And the last one is a tiny piece of glass from a tiny picture frame and of course painted that with some funkiness… The heart is that messy awful mesh deco stuff they sell to make wreaths and deco bows etc… It’s glued on also… And the M is a cardboard letter painted and glued and for Mya my dtrs name… Oh and to the right of the heart is a cork from a champagne bottle… So she can pin something there!


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