Deepest secret Challenge

I want to know what YOU want to know! About me, my story, my hardest moment, my worst thoughts, or even what I discovered saved me the most, where or what methods, outlets did I use to still be alive and functional at 34… ASK ME ANYTHING AND I WILL TELL YOU EVERYTHING!!! I could start a post and could go on forever but don’t wanna bore anyone with a book! So Please ask me!!! Or…. TELL ME YOUR DEEPEST, Most kept thoughts, actions, secrets! I started this to be an open book where people like us cannot be anywhere else! Mostly cuz no one else really Gets it! So anything and everything is welcome here! No judgement no criticism no telling u to think “happy thoughts” no bs! I challenge all of you to ask and or tell! I want to learn from you too! I don’t know everything and I never will! But I appreciate learning from the best and that’s you!!!


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