Art but messy!

So one thing I discovered in my soul so passionately in the last couple years is I love art! Now there are so many types of art and art is totally in the eye of the artist… So subjective but that’s one thing I love that there is no right or wrong way in art!!! I start something with a general idea but then leave the rest to whatever spirit takes me to! I especially enjoy repurposing old things into sometimes completely different things and take odd things and making something really cool out of it! It has given me confidence joy etc to find out that I’m talented at something! Growing up and all thru 20’s I felt I wasn’t as good as other people and was secretly embarrassed that I had nothing I was good at! Haha! Until I started discovering that it was never that I wasn’t interested in or not good at anything!!! Fig out I had ADD the whole time and my best “problem” is that I love and am good at many things! I don’t want to commit to one job for the rest of my life! I want to do a lil of everything I enjoy! Working in Hospice is definitely where I found my true gift from God… I’m amazing at what I do for the patients and their families…. Best feeling the day I fig out I wasn’t a loser!!!


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