To my Husband

My life with you and our family is so incredibly rich!!! I blessed and thankful to have discover “Me” 1st within myself this past year or two and 2nd myself/life with you and our kids etc… I absolutely in love with who I am as a person and Mom, with a level of confidence that I thought didn’t exist! This past year being home, and continuously discovering new things I never knew about myself along with my experience in Hospice I was so honored to be a part of, I feel like I’m finally who God meant me to be! That doesn’t mean I thinking I’m done learning and evolving as a person etc… Just that I’m finally happy with ME, no longer ashamed of my disease, and more confident and able to gratefully, be able to see the positive in life and understand that negative things that happen aren’t necessarily negative! If I have to endure types of struggles in my life for the better of one other human being….. That’s an honor in my heart! Sorry I will stop… I love you infinitely  
March 2016

Originally written in text message to my Husband… Copied to notes to save… I’ll add that he never did respond to anything in this message thru text or at home…


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