Positive in pain…

I’ve had this thing for a few years that I do whenever you’re having one of those everything’s goes wrong days! Well fig I can either suffer or laugh? I take whatever situation small or huge and challenge myself to find at least one positive aspect that comes from the “horrible unfair thing” and I 99% of the time end up smiling and or laughing! So for that extreme devastating unbareable (so we feel/think at the time) pain inside our hearts, souls, and spirits…. Remember… If you didn’t feel that anymore than you need major help coming to…life again? When we feel… We are human and have compassion, passion, sympathy… And so on… So if you get to the point you are completely numb and don’t “feel” anymore please reach out for help! I’ve been there a few times! But I take pride in my endurance and strength to recognize where I’ve ended up and still reach out screaming for hep!


3 thoughts on “Positive in pain…

    1. Let me ponder this for a bit… I have a gift for feeling everything but lack the ease of putting my feelings into words that are understood…. It comes out complicated and jumbled so I want to answer your question in a easily comprehend able way!

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    2. Ability to graciously humble yourself, confess and own your mistakes, apologize sincerely, to forgive others and yourself…. A years later and that’s the simplest form put, in attempt to answer your question! There’s so much more I could list, but if I’m being honest with myself on the main points I feel we should be able to expect from true human beings….. I guess I can’t get carried away with my own wishful expectations….


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