Natural part of My “ways”…

I want to start pasting some thoughts/writings that I have in various places such as the “notes” app on my phone, some may be from emails I wrote to myself, a lot will be from actual real paper that I will take pics of and attach or whatever way I find easiest… Also meaning of my title you will see that there will be no real order in which date wise I post… I haven’t actually succeeded in an organizational method! Ha! So just whatever I find handy first… Any questions comments are gratefully welcomed!!!! ONLY RULE I HAVE IS TO PLEASE BE HONEST AND SAY WHAT YOU THINK/FEEL! I am very strong and confident in who I am at this point in life and cherish all my struggles as lessons and have all been part of what God has led me to have now! So no worries of offending or hurting my feelings… Thanks for reading and I hope you will stick around and hopefully be able to take something from my journey thus far to use in your journey!!! Here it goes!!! 



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