Lil history

I was 12 when I made the first cuts into my skin. Not sure where/how I discovered that particular method of relieving pain from the inside at that young age… I also did not know that I had a disease or that it had a name… I just knew I was sad and hurting so deep it was my way to release, for the moment that is. From there life was and is a constant fight…. Good night for now… Always please please feel free to comment about your opinion/experience or any questions…. I’m here to love, support, and be the source of you venting your true feelings without ever being judged… Just be you. You’re safe here.


4 thoughts on “Lil history

  1. I also had a similar experience. I was around that age, too. I continued to cut until a couple of years ago. I always felt shame after I did it, but also it was a release from everything I was feeling. I can relate to you. When you don’t know how to cope with what you’re feeling, it’s how you deal with the negative emotions. It’s a hard habit to knock. The only reason I am able to deal with my emotions now is because I realized my body is precious and God doesn’t make trash. It doesn’t matter how someone else views you, it matters how God and you view you. Thanks for sharing your story and thanks for being a support for people ! We need more people like you, rock on! 🙂

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    1. You’re amazing! I feel your beautiful shining soul and spirit! I am so grateful that you let God work in you and were able to see how precious you are! You’re totally right that the only “persons” that opinions of you count are YOU and HIM! If you keep true and honest to yourself than its a natural and gorgeous experience that embraces your soul and spirit that shines through without you having to say a word! I believe if I keep myself held to Gods standards (I try my best but of course still have a long way to go) and always always be honest with others and yourself even if it means you endure the consequences…in the end you will reap so much more in every aspect! I own everything I say my actions… Regardless… So when life is challenging haha I do my part that God has given me control of and then I “Let Go & Let God” handle the rest and it’s such an awesome feeling to know without a doubt I can trust him and his plans to always take care of me…

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