Light Bulbs!

I totally get now that people like us who have sorta what people not like us called fucked up is actually what I see the same in all “artists” of many types…. We all have similar habits and chemical imbalances in our brains…. Depression, anxiety, bi polarness haha and so many! We are night owls ;)…. We see beauty in objects, people, odd, old, not usual things that no one else sees…. So they think we’re crazy but really we actually have an amazing gift of intuition, purely gorgeous appreciation for beauty on the inside whether it’s a persons soul and spirit or it’s the history and/or the mystery of history behind and piece of anything old…. Ok I’m in delirious modeWRITTEN IN NOTES NOVEMBER 7th 2015 @ 2:45am….by me… Anything I post will be by me unless I quote something and then I will cite source 


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