Current Meds…

Just in case anyone is curious… List of my current medications

Paxil-this one is first after millions tried that made the life over death possible…

60 MG a day taken best at bedtime… Be careful I learned the hard way that the particular brand of generic does/can matter! Mine HAS TO BE Teva USA

So I have clinical depression meaning that I can dip down to rock bottom for no reason meaning nothing bad in my life to explain it it just happens… Also have Anxiety constantly to point it is literally paralyzingly outside but brain freaking out inside…Panic attacks that morph my fingers hands stomach muscles legs etc… So Paxil is an antidepressant that also has a sedating effect on the anxiety so I can function happily! Still struggles but makes it manageable… 
Adderall for my ADD and helps counteract the sedative effect of Paxil since it’s a stimulant…

15mg tabs 3 times a day
Ativan 3mg a day usually take 1-2 in evening and 1-2 at bedtime cuz otherwise no sleep

There’s more I will list in a few…


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