Words Hurt

Slicing me with his words….He sees nothing in me no matter the time and effort and more important my heart soul spirit I give with everything. His words hurt like a stabbing knife, but I’m thankful for my past life lessons that have made me strong enough and allowed me to love myself as me no matter..,, however loving him so deeply, he still hurts my heart and makes the tears flow. I keep trying in spite of him trying to lower me, and continue to try and please him… But whatever anger he has for me is clouding his senses, and he sees or hears nothing… except for his already determined feelings. I’m not perfect, and far from… But I do do my best for him every day. I just wish his perception was connected to reality. He yells and tells me everything that’s wrong with me, what I do or don’t do is never up to his standards, trying to break me… I guess kinda like the military wants to break you down of all you’ve ever learned, so that they can rebuild you into what they want you to be for them… So you can serve them in their form of proper ways by the handbook of written military ways. 

November 18th 2015 4:10am in Notes 


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