So proud of me!

1st painting


Deepest secret Challenge

I want to know what YOU want to know! About me, my story, my hardest moment, my worst thoughts, or even what I discovered saved me the most, where or what methods, outlets did I use to still be alive and functional at 34… ASK ME ANYTHING AND I WILL TELL YOU EVERYTHING!!! I could start a post and could go on forever but don’t wanna bore anyone with a book! So Please ask me!!! Or…. TELL ME YOUR DEEPEST, Most kept thoughts, actions, secrets! I started this to be an open book where people like us cannot be anywhere else! Mostly cuz no one else really Gets it! So anything and everything is welcome here! No judgement no criticism no telling u to think “happy thoughts” no bs! I challenge all of you to ask and or tell! I want to learn from you too! I don’t know everything and I never will! But I appreciate learning from the best and that’s you!!!

Repurposing is a natural Med for my soul!!! 

This was brown old shelf I found at a thrift store… Painted and also u can’t see top but I took a metallic blue layer off a gift bag and mod podged it on top! Then had this long fabric beautiful curtain, also from the thrift store and you will see more of that in future things, but had this beautiful crystal like fringe on it so cut a piece and hot glued around edges for some fancyness!! And then two handy knob hooks under for hanging things!

I Love Repurposing things!

So again just shelves hanging on her wall… However they WERE drawers from that same dresser I wanted rid of yet saw so much potential to use it in different ways! Sanded, painted, and then added lil touches to make it unique… The lil mini shelves inside like what the high heel is on… Those are wooden block pieces from the Jenga game! Of course painted and then I think nailed in from back and maybe some hot glue…. The high heel was once a picture holder that a metal stick came out and held a picture but never stayed and always came apart… The metal star is actually a cookie cutter… And the last one is a tiny piece of glass from a tiny picture frame and of course painted that with some funkiness… The heart is that messy awful mesh deco stuff they sell to make wreaths and deco bows etc… It’s glued on also… And the M is a cardboard letter painted and glued and for Mya my dtrs name… Oh and to the right of the heart is a cork from a champagne bottle… So she can pin something there!

Messy art cont!

Ok so doesn’t look like anything too exciting right?! I know… However the “shelf” was actually a drawer from a dresser of dtrs we didn’t want anymore but my eyes saw so many other things that I could use from it just requires a lot of reverse drilling to take aprt! All while my husband kept griping how we could’ve sold the dresser blah blah blah!!! He will never get it! But I’m ok with that! So then just painted it and the frame inside is something that had been around for a while but no longer had the glass and back pieces too… I refused to throw it away cuz I knew I’d do something cool with it eventually!!! And so here it is set inside the shelf with screws to hold it!!! 

Oh!!! And the other object below was an wooden holder for glass square coasters that I never used! So of course painted it! And my dtr had tons of sea shells shed collected from the years on vacations so I hot glued those in for a cool display!